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#96 Building Tracing in Jacksonville

Tracing the missing buildings in Jacksonville

Created by saikabhi - Updated - Priority: medium

#139 Oklahoma County TIGER cleanup

Cleaning up data from TIGER and more recent MapRoulette challenges

Created by Paul Johnson - Updated - Priority: low

#131 Allegheny County Building Import

Import buildings in and around Pittsburgh, PA.

Created by GeoKitten - Updated - Priority: low

#104 Hurricane Harvey TIGER Clean Up

Only Roads

Hurricane Harvey

Please follow the TIGER clean up guidance to clean up and fix the roads in the Hurricane Harvey Affected Area.

Created by dkunce - Updated - Priority: high

#141 San Jose Sidewalks import - Crossings Edition

Advanced mappers only!

Created by 3vivekb - Updated - Priority: medium

#98 Building outlines in Marquette City and Township

This project is to try and outline the buildings in this semi-rural area. The hope is that once this initial effort is put forward, the city and township governments will be more willing to provide data themselves.

Esri imaging is recommended. It's the highest local resolution, and seems to have the least offset, even if it's not as up-to-date.

Created by gappleto97 - Updated - Priority: medium

#128 Hurricane Maria | 2017 - Puerto Rico - Roads JOSM Validation Only


This project needs NO validation, it IS validation. These are one pass tiles by experts correcting errors and warnings

This is the new top priority Roads Validation Project - questions to osm-us slack and while mapping

This is a validation and road improvement only project - See instructions - Experienced JOSM mappers only please

You should join OSM-US local slack #disaster channel while mapping these tasks

Mapping project in response to hurricane Maria (Sept 2017)

Created by bgirardot - Updated - Priority: urgent

#142 Vilankulo Bed Net Surveillance Program - Mapinhane


Link to new project: Mapinhane, Mozambique - Vilankulo Bed Net Surveillance Program

Peace Corps Mozambique is requesting assistance in creating a basemap of all towns and cities within the district of Vilankulo, Inhambane Province. The finished maps will be used primarily as foundations for mapping mosquito net coverage within each town. Surveys regarding net coverage will be facilitated by local health workers through CommCare's smart phone-driven, paperless survey application. Follow-up distributions of bed nets will use the subsequent survey data and OSM basemap to inform their campaigns.

Created by Aristophanes_1 - Updated - Priority: low

#122 Clearwater Building Import for Hurricane Irma Recovery

building outlines donated by Microsoft to help with Irma Recover Efforts.

Created by Glassman - Updated - Priority: medium

#130 South Bay: Add points of interest from Mapillary

Improve coverage of points of interest in the South Bay using Mapillary imagery.

Created by 3vivekb - Updated - Priority: low
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This approach facilitates the distribution of tasks to the various mappers in a context of emergency. It also permits control of the progress and the homogeneity of the work done (e.g. elements to cover, specific tags to use, etc.).

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