#141 - San Jose Sidewalks import - Crossings Edition

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Help import crossings generated from crossify.

This project is documented in the wiki.

Focus on only importing the crossings that look good.

Please read the instructions carefully!

If you have any comments or concerns please contact me through osm: 3vivekb.

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#c4sj #South-Bay-OSM #osmus-project-141
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

  1. Import crossings file for area
  2. Add the bing background
  3. look at every crossing against the basemap, delete any crossings that are unacceptable. aka go through all the crossings, delete any that seem to be not be a logical place a person would cross
  4. Download data around crossings (Expert mode, use the overpass query)
  5. Validate, fix duplicates
  6. Select crossings, hit 'E' to select adjacent nodes, then hit 'J' to snap nodes to sidewalks
  7. Fix overlapping ways.
  8. Adding intersecting nodes
  9. Tag intersecting nodes with highway=crossing
  10. Source should be bing.
  11. Validate, fix
  12. Changeset comment (Importing crossings generated by crossify) #c4sj #South-Bay-OSM #osmus-project-141
  13. upload

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