#93 - Madison, WI Crossing Islands

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We are updating all pedestrian crossing islands in Madison, WI using official data from the Madison MPO.

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When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

Please note the following: Tagging an island should only be done on roads that are not already shown as divided ways in OSM. If you're unsure how to tag a crossing please consult a knowledgeable OSM mapper. Islands can be tagged in iD by drawing the line for the crosswalk, choosing "Street Crossing" as the feature, and selecting "island" in the "Type" box. Always check the satellite imagery to confirm what the MPO data indicates. If you're unsure about something please ask around. There's bound to be someone in the room familiar with existing conditions at the location you're looking at. If you come across a situation that doesn't exactly fit the basic tagging that has been outlined, please find a knowledgeable OSM mapper to provide guidance.

A custom base map showing the MPO's crossing island data is available for use in iD by clicking the layers button and selecting "Custom". The URL is:


It may also be useful to open it as a separate map. This can be done with the following link:


Additional tagging guidelines are available here:


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